Continuous Orthodontic Forces during COVID-19

Continuous Orthodontic Forces during COVID-19



Continuous Orthodontic Forces

The unique feature of the Speed Braces that our patients wear is that the orthodontic wire is inserted and kept in the slot of each bracket using a nickel-titanium clip, instead of a regular stainless steel clip, an elastic tie or a wire tie which are used in the other types of braces.  The elastic and wire ties used in conventional bracket systems sometimes break or lose their effectiveness over time causing the wire to separate completely from the brackets.  The stainless steel clips in other self-ligating braces that copy Speed braces do not have the same “super-elastic” properties of the unique Speed nickel-titanium clips.  The nickel-titanium clips have a built-in “memory” feature to continue engaging the wire into place to “store energy” and resulting in the patients having “minimal appointments”.  This feature is what delivers the very light but continuous forces that align and level your teeth.  

The Speed System brackets are chosen by Dr. Tjan for many other important clinical reasons, but this continuous engagement has been a very significant feature of treatment during our COVID-19 period, where in-clinic visits have been limited to emergencies only.  We have continued supervision of your treatment using e-appointments where we have reviewed your digital charts, sent you treatment progress photos, elastic maps, and notes to aid in our telephone or FaceTime appointments with you.  While we are awaiting the re-opening of our clinic, this feature of the Speed nickel-titanium clips continuously “seating” your wires in your braces, has continued your orthodontic tooth movement.  Please note that the nickel in the clip does not leach as it is part of a combination of various metals that are safe for use in the mouth.  

Another ideal feature of the Speed Braces is the smaller size of the brackets which allow for easier oral hygiene access. It is so important, now more than ever, to keep the highest level of home care of your orthodontic appliances, your teeth, and your gums.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns about your treatment.  Stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you soon!