COVID-19 Management of Aerosol and Ventilation in our Orthodontic Clinic

Our glass walls and doors create private operatories for AGP (Aerosol Generating Procedures) supported by the Jade HEPA filters (from Surgically Clean Air).  Our patients are referring to them as the “Cube” or the “Museum”.  We are happy that we can enjoy the function and aesthetics of this setup.  We also confirmed that our roof top unit above the treatment bay has a fresh air intake and we have maximized its opening.  We have a total of two HVAC rooftop units that we don’t share with others and we set them to run continuously to maximize ventilation.  We have multiple other filter units to support the rest of our clinic including our reception areas.  We monitor the CO2 level of our clinic and are happy to report that we always maintain an excellent range.

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