Back to School in July?

Quick updates:

  1. Our reception room is welcoming parents again, with continued support of “always on” ventilation (including fresh air intake), CO2 monitoring and filtration throughout our clinic.  We thank you for helping us throughout the last two years in keeping our clinic safe and all of us healthy by maintaining distance while we adhered to RCDSO guidance.
  2. Dr. Claire Tjan is returning to school starting this summer!  She has been asked to teach at the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic at Western University Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.  She has been appointed as an Adjunct Clinical Professor to teach self-ligating bracket technique to the Graduate Orthodontic Residents.  A few years ago, she had paused teaching at the University of Toronto since the drive there was becoming too strenuous.  Driving to London will be easier and she could not say no to an opportunity to be challenged by the graduate students and to give back to the profession.  Her first day will be July 6, 2022!  She has not forgotten the University of Toronto and from time to time will still contribute at the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic there.  This July for example, she is joining her former teaching partner to teach the self-ligating technique summer course.     

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