Here is a list of teeth straightening appliances that we utilize in our clinic. We will work with you to find the best teeth straightening appliance for your needs.

Quicklear Braces Appliance

Are you looking for an alternative to metal braces? Quicker braces are discrete tooth-coloured clear brackets with small metal clips. This option is ideal if you’re looking for the efficiency and precision of braces, with a more discrete look.


Traditional Braces Appliance

Small metal braces with clips are used to move teeth into their ideal positions. At KW Orthodontics, we use the “Speed” Appliance which allows for continuous forces between appointments. This keeps movement continuous and light.

Clear Aligner Therapy (Just like Invisalign)

Clear aligners are ideal for patients wanting less appointments and the most discrete braces treatment option. The aligners are made of plastic and are changed by the patient once per week.