Are you a busy, working parent with limited time to attend for an in-person braces consultation? Is it difficult to book time off work to attend for a braces consultation? Or would you just prefer to submit your information from the comfort of your own home and be able to carry out a virtual braces consultation? At KW Orthodontics, we understand that attending the office for an in-person braces consultation can be challenging for busy parents. To help parents navigate the initial steps in their child’s orthodontic care, we provide virtual braces consultation free of charge. Take the first step towards your smile destination today.

Please complete the form below and upload your photos as illustrated below. If the file sizes are too large, please email your photos (include your name and date of birth) to Please note we may ask you to resubmit poor quality photos if they are not suitable for diagnostic purposes. We recommend having a friend or family member assist you in taking these photos. If you are having difficulty completing the form below, please call or email our office to find out how you can submit your details for a virtual consultation.

We will contact you within 5-10 business days with a preliminary treatment plan and estimated treatment time. Your preliminary treatment plan will include your treatment appliance options as well as the initial treatment steps.

For further information regarding your virtual consultation you will need to contact our office in Kitchener-Waterloo. Following your virtual consultation, you will have the opportunity to attend our office for a complimentary in-person consultation and/or complete your records with us to take the next step towards your smile makeover.